Exhibitor Guidelines/FAQ

Important Exhibitor Guidelines & FAQ

PLEASE READ! This is ESSENTIAL Information you will need to know for booth setup and expo day! Below is also a FAQ section. Once you’ve read this, please return to the Exhibitor Info & Marketing Opportunities page.

If you don’t find an answer to a question, email us or call 405-605-2121.

EXHIBITOR Guidelines

  • Vendors exhibits must be set up the day before the show on Tuesday June 18, 2019, between 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Vendors traveling from out of state and those Vendors with extenuating circumstances, may set up on the morning of the show between 7:00 am and 8:30 am June 19, 2019.
  • Vendor’s exhibits must be fully set up and staffed by 8:45 am the day of the show.
  • Vendor’s exhibits must be open and staffed during show hours, 9:00am to 4:00pm.
  • Vendor may dismantle exhibits no earlier than 4:00 pm on the day of the show.
  • Any Vendor that will be selling a product and will collect monies (cash, check, credit card) from attendees as part of a transaction at the expo, will be required by the State of Oklahoma Tax Commission to provide a copy of vendor’s Sales Tax License/Permit to Rogers Market Promotions LLC (RMP). RMP will need to receive Vendor License along with vendor application and contract prior to show. If RMP does not receive License/Permit and have copy on file, the Vendor will not be allowed to sell product and collect monies at the expo.
  • Vendor’s exhibit materials must meet fire and safety regulations. RMP and Fire Marshall will be inspecting and may confiscate any materials that do not meet regulations.
  • Only foods that are individual pre-packaged treats can be given away to attendees and guests. All treats will be subject to the discretion of RMP, Oklahoma State Fair Park and Oklahoma State Health Department. All suspicious or questionable food products will be removed from display.
  • Only product samples that are prepackaged, sealed and not intended for immediate consumption may be given away or sampled to attendees. All samples will be subject to the discretion of RMP, Oklahoma State Fair Park and Oklahoma State Health Department. All suspicious or questionable samples will be removed from display.
  • Submission Deadline Rogers Market Promotions LLC will not be held responsible for Sponsor or any representative thereof to fail to provide any or all required advertising materials such as print ads, artwork, articles for publication, company logos, social media links, webpage links or any other advertising product or vehicle by the required deadline for submission. RMP will at its’ discretion, make decisions to accept or deny any product submitted after the deadline

Exhibitor FAQ

What is the 50+ Better Living Expo?

The 50+ Better Living Expo provides much needed information and education to seniors, caregivers and family members. The expo is a day full of entertainment and giveaways. Demonstrations and seminars will be presented by experts in the fields of health & wellness, nutrition, finance, technology, travel, home healthcare, assisted living and much more.

How do I become a Vendor?

Go to the Exhibitor Information page, choose your sponsorships, marketing opportunities and booth space. Submit your choices and payments via mail, fax, or submit online in the shopping cart.

When do I need to reserve a booth for the expo?

Booths are first come first serve and booths fill up quickly. The sooner you reserve your booth the better. Register Now

How do I purchase advertising?

There are various opportunities for advertising. You can choose from several options while reserving your booth. Feel free to call and ask questions. We would be more than happy to guide you through your selection.

When do I turn in my advertising content for publication?

We request that you begin working with RMP representatives as soon as you purchase advertising.

It can take several weeks to design and obtain approval. We must have time to structure, share, post and print advertising. We will set deadlines! Hard deadlines for accepting various types of advertising will be set between 6 and 8 weeks prior to the expo date.

What if I do not want to or cannot use a credit card to pay?

You can reserve a booth and make your advertising selections from our website. Then call us and pay by phone using credit card, ACH, check or other approved methods of payment. Booths will not be reserved until payment has been completed.

Why do I have to choose three booths when I only need one?

Please make three selections for your choice of booth location. Choose in order of most desired location first. Based on availability, we will do out best to provide your first choice.

When can I set up?

Set up will be from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the day prior to the expo.

Can I set up on the day of the Expo?

NO. Vendors must set up on the day prior to the expo. No exceptions.

Can I sell food items?

No. Vendors cannot sale food items on the State Fairgrounds. RMP Shows bases decisions on venue and state health department regulation.

What food items can I give away?

The only food items that can be given away are small individually wrapped treats. Absolutely NO food items such as water bottles, (Flavored or CBD), fruit, popcorn, full size candy bars / health bars or cupcakes are to be given away. RMP Shows reserves the right to determine what can or cannot be given away during the expo. RMP Shows bases decisions on venue and health department regulation.

Can I give away advertising items?

Yes, we highly encourage all vendors to giveaway items with their advertising on them.

Can I give away samples?

YES and NO.

Yes. Small, sealed samples not intended to be opened or utilized at the expo can be given away.

No. Open, ready to consume, or ready to be used samples cannot be given to the public.

RMP Shows reserves the right to determine what can or cannot be given away (sampled) during the expo. RMP Shows bases decisions on venue and health department regulation.

Can I sell products?

Yes. If you intend to sale product at our expo you must alert us of your intent to do so. The State of Oklahoma requires by law, that RMP report all sales made by vendors occurring at our expo. RMP will require a copy of your sales tax license/permit on file prior to product being sold.

Can I bring my own lunch?

Yes. You may bring in small snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (no glass bottles) for your personal consumption during the event. RMP provides a wonderful B-B-Q lunch for our vendors. Why would you bring your own?

Can I have access to Wi-Fi?

Wi-fi is FREE. A code and instructions will be included in exhibitor packets at check in on set-up day.

Can I have electricity?

Yes. 110v power is available. There will be a fee for electricity. You must choose a booth with electrical power and you must order it in advance while selecting booth space.

Will there be security overnight?

Yes, the will be security in the building overnight.

Where is vendor parking?

Designated vendor Parking will be in parking lot located immediately south of the Pavilion. Exhibitors will enter through the southwest entrance of the Pavilion for exhibit set up on June 18, 2019.

Click here to see the set up map and exhibitor parking area

This is important! Parking in the front and going through the front will impede your ability to bring in and set up your booth easily as well as create a congested area within this area! Please use this guide for everyone’s benefit!!

If you have any questions not answered here, please call 405-605-2121.

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